Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reading made me realise that i too have been neglegent in the blog. so, brian, matt, mike and ron, sorry. ;) (and jenn?)

anywho. I now have a one year old !?!? i'm done counting her age in months. i think it's stupid.
she's just crazy adorable. the phrase "uh-oh" has entered her vocabulary. it's pretty weird and cool.

work, has been challenging. this is the first full 5 day week i've spent in one office in over two months. maybe three? i dunno. i like the idea of the new role, but it's proving hard to get peoples attention when i need it.

and, we bought a BMW. honestly, completely honestly, i love the fact that i own one more than the car it's self. i thouught it would take a lot longer to be able to do it.

it is a rippin' hoot to drive.