Monday, February 23, 2009

yes, two posts in one month.

Gianna is doing wonderful, smiles and coo's all the time. and sleeping through the night. :)))

basement is coming along. need to sand the drywall once more, and then should be ready for paint and flooring. i used my better judgement on the tile sections that are going to see heavy foot traffic, and put down a hardy-backer board with about 30 tapcons. should be pretty solid.

I'm also most certainly going to have to pour a new floor in the wine room. it's just too un-level to do anything else. I do plan on using the same method as before, taking up the volume with some quick-crete and then getting close with the topping mix before i use the self leveler, since that stuff is $30/bag, and i'll need like 5 or 6.

I'm also so sick of winter and indoors. want to start working in my garden.

Monday, February 2, 2009

basement is coming along nicely. finished all of the framing in the main section, and was able to run power to one wall, and once i find the right breaker, will run to the outlet under the stairs. I should be ready to pour a floor leveler in the next few weeks, and my father in law is coming down next weekend to help me move some pipes so i can relocate the washer and slop sink.

Still debating on a floor finish. i have the snap-n-go tile samples, and they are pretty nice, but i really want to put a wood-laminate down, it'll jsut look so much nicer. hummmm.