Monday, March 22, 2010


probably coming. watch this space

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking away

Weird day today. My Madone is arriving at it's new owners, some lawyer from Jersey. Ironically, the last time i walked away from Road riding, i sold my Fondriest to a lawyer as well.

That time, i knew it wasn't a permanent move, just financially, things were at a point where i needed to move the merchandise.

This time though, I'm not so sure. the cash is nice, and will go to pay for a backyard patio and makeover, something that i've wanted for a while, and the last big thing on the house for a while.

but still, i'm a bit bummed that there is a good chance this is the end of road riding for me for probably the longest stretch i'll ever go through. I love bike riding, and it really does make me a bit torn when it comes to my free time (which is rare). i just know the level of frustration i found when on the bike, and not being fit was almost as bad as not riding at all.

But, things change. times change, and i wouldn't give up my life for anything, nor change a thing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reading made me realise that i too have been neglegent in the blog. so, brian, matt, mike and ron, sorry. ;) (and jenn?)

anywho. I now have a one year old !?!? i'm done counting her age in months. i think it's stupid.
she's just crazy adorable. the phrase "uh-oh" has entered her vocabulary. it's pretty weird and cool.

work, has been challenging. this is the first full 5 day week i've spent in one office in over two months. maybe three? i dunno. i like the idea of the new role, but it's proving hard to get peoples attention when i need it.

and, we bought a BMW. honestly, completely honestly, i love the fact that i own one more than the car it's self. i thouught it would take a lot longer to be able to do it.

it is a rippin' hoot to drive.