Wednesday, February 6, 2008

it's weird how much something can affect you. Sheldon passed away this week, and is being well documented by the entire web community. I had only one exchange, below with him, but like everyone else, have referred to his site many many many times. having spent the better part of my life in bike shops, i can't tell you the power of having all his information in one place, and what it means to have a connection to a personality like his.

sometimes it's not about luck, but time just expires. farewell.

David Burke to CaptBike



We've never met, but i thought I'd send an email and a quick good luck. i read your heath pages, and well, "get better soon" doesn't quite seem to seem appropriate. You've got a fan base in Pittsburgh, PA Lot's of enthusiasts around here refer to your site constantly, and as a self confessed bike geek, i do the same.

Dave Burke

Sheldon Brown to me



Thanks for your concern. I'm bearing up OK, some days better than
others. I guess I'll just have to play out whatever cards I've been

I'll continue updating as news comes in...

All the best,

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