Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Haul Trucker

F/F Surly 4130 Cro Mo
H/S Cane Creek SL2- Silver
BB 105 External BB
Crank- 105 Close-ratio triple 30-40-50, 170mm for spinnin'
F/D & R/D -105 1ospd, long cage
Chain- Whipperman
Bar/Stem- Bontrager Race
Shifters- 105 10spd
Pedals- SPD 323 flip-flop
Wheels- currently Bontrager Race, soon to be custom, Salsa rims w/ XT hubs.
Saddle- Turbo

Casey calls this my dork bike. or dork-y bike, depending on the context. it's HEAVEN to ride. i could seriously see how you could ride 150 miles a day on a bike like this, fully loaded.

It also marks the end to competitive cycling for me, for the next few years, but hopefully, a return to full time commuting.

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