Friday, January 2, 2009

so, i bought a cross bike. it'll be here tuesday. I had bought the Surly with hopes/dreams of doing touring rides, bumbling along country roads for hours on end, maybe stopping in a cafe for a drink, some lunch, etc.

then, i came-to0.

I live in Pittsburgh, and i think the visions i had were somewhere in the Lake District in England.
I also don't see myself being able to take 6 hours for a riding day anytime in the next 5 years.

I can do an hour on the cross bike, and have fun, and be 5 mins from my house. (and do it at night possibly, too).

Should actually be a pretty sweet setup tho. I've got a set of Reynolds Mid-V wheels i'm going to use, and a full 105 10spd group that's actually pretty light. I need a front mech, and a seat/seatpost (and i may use my old beat up flite saddle) but that's pretty much it.

The LHT will be reborn with with some flat bars, the fenders and rack will go back on, and probably a cheapo 9spd group. onward, again!

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