Monday, February 23, 2009

yes, two posts in one month.

Gianna is doing wonderful, smiles and coo's all the time. and sleeping through the night. :)))

basement is coming along. need to sand the drywall once more, and then should be ready for paint and flooring. i used my better judgement on the tile sections that are going to see heavy foot traffic, and put down a hardy-backer board with about 30 tapcons. should be pretty solid.

I'm also most certainly going to have to pour a new floor in the wine room. it's just too un-level to do anything else. I do plan on using the same method as before, taking up the volume with some quick-crete and then getting close with the topping mix before i use the self leveler, since that stuff is $30/bag, and i'll need like 5 or 6.

I'm also so sick of winter and indoors. want to start working in my garden.

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