Tuesday, April 14, 2009

wanted to get one in under the 1 post/month deadline (and the last post was rather weak).

Anywho, have managed to get back onto the bike a bit now that it's lighter, later which is nice. i really miss riding, and hope this is the long, slow crawl out of the fitness hole i'm in.

Gianna is doing fabulous. She's started on rice cereal, which looks something like runny paste. she seems to like it though, and after a rough night, she's settled into eating it pretty well. she also got the hang of getting spoon fed amazingly fast.

House projects are starting to stack up, inside and out. On the short list:

Finish planting outside/on the slope
Paint Siding
Back porch knee-wall
tile back porch
Attic steps

on the long side, we're thinking about adding a master bathroom, which means re-configuring our upstairs, and also possibly adding a room either into the attic, or over the back porch. neither are easy, but, the back porch option does allow for us to possibly make it a "green" renovation, maybe adding solar and a rain collection system.

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