Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walking away

Weird day today. My Madone is arriving at it's new owners, some lawyer from Jersey. Ironically, the last time i walked away from Road riding, i sold my Fondriest to a lawyer as well.

That time, i knew it wasn't a permanent move, just financially, things were at a point where i needed to move the merchandise.

This time though, I'm not so sure. the cash is nice, and will go to pay for a backyard patio and makeover, something that i've wanted for a while, and the last big thing on the house for a while.

but still, i'm a bit bummed that there is a good chance this is the end of road riding for me for probably the longest stretch i'll ever go through. I love bike riding, and it really does make me a bit torn when it comes to my free time (which is rare). i just know the level of frustration i found when on the bike, and not being fit was almost as bad as not riding at all.

But, things change. times change, and i wouldn't give up my life for anything, nor change a thing.

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