Monday, November 3, 2008

mananged to get out on the bike on saturday for a couple of hours. really nice day for riding, what with the temps and stuff. i need to explore the north side more.

had a good night out with the boys this weekend as well, first to the squirrel cage for some beverages, and then onto double wide for some bbq. it was good to get out with them, not that anything has been holding me back from that, just some how, time seems to be ticking pretty fast these days.

I'm mentally starting to line up spring house projects. with the bulk of the interior work done, and the major landscaping out of the way, i think i'm going to be looking at really starting to "polish" the house. I'd like to do a patio, and eventually some sort of enclosure of the back porch (like folding glass doors or something that we can open up). I'm also pretty set on a wood stove back there as well. Wittus has some nice/modern stuff.

We're going to do a new fence, mostly to keep the nosy neighbors away, and so I can have my fire bowl in the summer nights.

i'm also going to be putting in a new, bigger retaining wall on the back side of the house. i'm thinking about having some steps that come off the back side as well, since it's kinda unusable the way it stands right now.

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